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What is a registered building practitioner?

A registered building practitioner is a builder who has registered with the Victorian Building Authority (owner builder has different requirements). This registration allows the builder to perform domestic building work that totals more than $10,000, to restump or demolish homes and provide a range of building services to their clients, for example, painting, plastering, bricklaying, plumbing etc.

Unregistered builders are restricted to working on projects that total less than $10,000, are not allowed to restump or demolish homes or buildings and can only perform jobs that involve one trade. This means that a painter, plasterer or electrician doesn’t have to be a registered building practitioner, but a builder who builds your new home or extension, must be registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

What are energy efficient homes?

Energy efficient homes keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, significantly reducing your power bills, when compared to equivalent energy inefficient homes. Many older Australian homes are energy inefficient, costing their owners a small fortune to heat in winter and cool in summer. Energy efficient homes not only reduce your energy bills, but they also reduce your greenhouse emissions and your carbon footprint.

To talk to a registered building practitioner today, call us on 0408 128 279 or send us an email.

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